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This salad consists of all the ingredients that a traditional Caesar salad would have – but also includes one bonus ingredient – which is the “PANCETTA”. I thought that the “Panchetta” part of this legendary salad was “traditionally” italian – but a it turn out, it was actually discovered in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Serves [1 Plate]
  • Prep Time [15-20 minutes]


) Freshly squeezed juice of (1/2 a lime)
) 1 Romaine lettuce head (cut to bite-size pieces)
) Pancetta (3 thick slices), fry until fully crisp
) 1 yolk from a slightly boiled egg (precisely 2 minutes in boiling water)
) Sourdough bread (1 thick slice), torn into 3/4-inch chunks
) Crushed Garlic cloves (2 cloves)
) Whole galic clove (1 clove) (peeled)
) Chopped Anchovy fillets (small pieces) (3 fillets)
) Extra virgin olive oil (5 tablespoons)
) Parmigiano (finely grated) (4 tablespoons)
) Kosher Salt
) Ground Black pepper


STEP 1: In a medium bowl- beat the lime juice into the egg yolk
STEP 2: Add the crushed garlic
STEP 3: Add the anchovies
STEP 4: Add black pepper.
STEP 5: Add the Parmigiano
STEP 6: Gradually add the olive oil & whisk it well
STEP 7: Taste & add salt according to your likeing
STEP 8: Add the Romaine letuce and toss well with your hands.
STEP 9: [Making the croutons]In the same pan in which the pancetta was fried, toast the torn-up pieces of sourdough over medium heat untill slightly crisp
STEP 10: cut the whole piece of garlic in half, and rub each piece of bread with the insides of the garlic lightly with the whole garlic clove.
STEP 11: Add the croutons & the pancetta to the salad
STEP 12: Toss the salad again, and serve

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