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Missi Roti Recipe

Missi Roti is a popular Indian flat-bread that in famous in Northern states of Indian especially Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Wheat flour and besan (chickpea flour) is used in a 2:1 proportion respectively to prepare this tasty paratha. Ingredients: Whole wheat flour – 2 cups Besan (chickpea flour) – 1 cup Carrom seeds (ajwain) […]

Keema (Minced Meat) Biriyani

Once tried….you will realise that this dish can become your weakness. Just grab your cooker and follow this recipe to make a flavourful, tasty, and instant keema biriyani. Keema Biryani can be made with any minced meat [For this recipe we will be using mutton (lamb) ] Ingredients Mutton mince 200 grams Basmati rice soaked […]

Baked Salmon With Grapefruit Salad

Baked salmon and grapefruit salad always make a perfect combination. Salmon contains low saturated fat and is a good source of protein. It contains vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, which are difficult to find in other foods. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and a good amount of fiber that is needed for our body. […]

Lyonnaise Potatoes

What is Lyonnaise??…..Lyonnaise or “À la Lyonnaise”(as said in France)… is a French cooking term that  translates to a dish with onions”. It can mean anything related to onions in a dish –  cooked with onions, onions to the side, onions used for garnishing…..just pretty much anything with onions in it. Serves: 4 servings Cooking […]

Peppered Pasta Salad

A great salad should have a certain kind of uniformity to it; the ingredients in it should make perfect sense to your taste buds. In my opinion- pasta in a salad makes one of the greatest meals on earth. This particular recipe is a pepper flavored version of the “ever popular” pasta salad. Ingredients: ) […]

Simple Oyster Sauce Chicken

Oyster sauce is widely used in Chinese Culinary, and for good reason. It is not just Full of flavour, but it is surprisingly easy to make. This recipe is for those individuals who want to cook up a quick meal, since it takes less than 30minutes to make. Ingredients (with one) (4 pieces) (1/4 teaspoon) […]

Kabsa /Arabic chicken Rice

Kabsa /Arabic chicken Rice is a Arabic ( middle eastern) dish. The rice is cooked in tomato liquids like (puree & paste), chicken broth & bahrat (Arabic masala) INGREDIENTS: Arabic Masala (Baharat | Arabic Masala) ) black pepper (1 tablespoon)) Cumin seeds (1 tablespoon)) 2 tsp coriander seeds) 1 tsp cloves) red chilli powder (1 […]